We provide Rooftop Solar Setups at Zero Capex under the Opex Model. This is an extremely useful model for getting clean solar energy with no investment / risk on your side.


We sign a 12 year PPA giving you these 12 Mega Benefits

  1. It is Zero Capex model. You don’t have to spend anything

  2. There is Zero design / setup / installation cost from your side

  3. You bear no maintenance cost for 12 years

  4. Solar power is provided to you at a huge discount – 20 – 30 % lower than current grid rate

  5. Solar power rate is held constant for 12 years – no inflation

  6. You pay only as per use, not for what is produced

  7. Your savings start from day one

  8. You own the entire setup after 12 years

  9. You enjoy free solar power from 13th year for atleast 13 to 20 years

  10. Immense savings in power bills 

  11. You lower your carbon footprint 

  12. If you plan to relocate, we could consider that in PPA at no extra cost


Zero Cost, Zero Risk , Huge Benefits



We also provide rooftop solar under Capex model where we undertake the EPC


We provide EPC for ground solar setups, EV charging solar setups and so on.